SaaS Project Management, Invoicing & CRM SoftwareIn business, one of the biggest challenges is giving your clients the best experience possible, while at the same time, controlling your expenses. In website design, the ideal workflow involves using a Client Portal solution that allows us to bring a client into the project in a way that is professional and effective. Enabling the client to participate in the project while still being able to limit the client’s access to “need to see” basis only is very helpful.

Internally, the Project Management side should ideally be a SaaS solution that is platform/browser agnostic and capable of performing all the necessary project management functions. With our internal team, we use a product called SuiteDash @ to organize our efforts. Project Management is an important tool that lets us handle a volume that would otherwise be impossible. Each project can be broken down into Sprints/Milestones and then ordered so that the whole team knows the status and progress of the project as a whole. If we need to assign the client a task, it’s very simple, and the client is notified immediately. When the client logs in, those tasks are presented in their dashboard, and any updates or files that they add to the task are immediately transmitted to the Project Manager and the other Teammates via app notifications and/or email.

Additionally, SuiteDash gives us the ability to easily turn tracked time or tasks into an invoice, or add that time to an existing invoice. It’s as easy as just a few clicks, and the completed task, or tracked time is added to the invoice as a new item. When the project reaches completion, that invoice can be finalized, and sent to the client for payment, all of which happens within the SuiteDash environment.

We can’t say enough good things about our experience with this SaaS based software solution. The developers are very responsive to our needs, sometimes adding features that we request within a matter of days. Also, we can see the direction they’re headed, and it matches perfectly with the tool we have always wished for. We have a feeling that when they build this thing out along the planned roadmap that it will be even more indispensable than it is now.

The best part of all this is the cost basis of all this. Before we were paying 3 or 4 different SaaS software solutions for various functionalities like Project Management, Invoicing, Client Portals, CRM, etc… All of those monthly payments have now been cancelled, and we are moving happily forward with only one, very low in comparison, monthly payment for SuiteDash. It’s one tool that replaces a whole range of tools that we used before, and much cleaner as well because it all just works together.

When we find a tool that works, we have no problem giving a shout out!  Go see the team at and start simplifying your life… and your budget.