WordPress Invoice & Billing lets a business owner send easy to access and relay billing details to clients. This feature has been made available through the WordPress billing plugin that is easy to install in various WordPress versions available for use in site creation. The plugin does not need special coding knowledge for installation. With the ever-growing number of WordPress sites in the market and the increase in online business, this feature proves essential for use. With this feature, you are able to set up recurring bills for all your clients in good time.

The sites administrator or an individual with administrator rights of access can run the billing plugin with ease. It is accessible through the sites dashboard where data is fed in for a billing report. The generated bill is sent to the client through the form of an email with a link that will help the client access the bills details. After payments have been made, the clients are in a position to view the receipt pages that reflect the history of the invoice. WordPress Invoice & Billingplugin does not only offer information to the client but also updates the business owner when the client has made payments. It gives details of the invoicing given as well as the amount that has been collected from the clients.

The WordPress Invoice & Billing does much more than just give information to the business owner. It allows for manipulation in the display of data to give easy to understand information. It is possible for the admin to filter the details by recipient, type, date, or status for an easy understanding.

Using the reporting feature by the plugin offers a business owner the ability to classify clients according to their needs. It is possible to group clients in different categories to have a clear plan on your distribution of services to different client and categorize which client gets a priority in which service.

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